What to look for in Your Stairlift

At Chapter Stairlifts, we supply new and refurbished stairlifts as a trusted local Stannah supplier. We supply as well as install and repair, so you can be reassured that your stairlift works efficiently.

Staircase Type

The first thing you should consider when searching for stairlifts is the type of staircase you have. Chapter Stairlifts accommodate for straight and curved staircases, as well as narrow or wider styles. Depending on your property, you can narrow down what to look for in your stairlift. Consider the design and structure of the stairs in your home, are there several bends, a curve at the top, or are they straight up?

Custom Designs & Features

When researching ‘what to look for in your stairlift’, design and comfort should definitely be considered. Having a seat that works best for you is important, and the style can greatly affect this.

If you have hip or back problems, then having the right support is necessary. The same goes for the footrest and the back of the seat. Trying them out for comfort is a good idea, even though it’s a short journey up the stairs, with regular use, your stairlift will need to be custom to your body for the best results.

Custom features and controls can be the make or break of your final decision. At Chapter Stairlifts, our Stannah Stairlifts come in Sienna Style and Starla style. The way the seat and footrests fold can differ, as well as many other features including the style of wall rail, the seatbelts and colour options. We don’t compromise on comfort and aesthetics for a brilliant performance, you can trust that your stairlift will offer you everything you were looking for and you’ll be able to navigate the levels in your home safely and comfortably.

Start Your Journey to Enhanced Mobility Today

Choosing the right stairlift is a crucial decision to ensure safety, comfort, and convenience. Whether you’re looking for a loved one or yourself, regaining independence in the home is a significant improvement for your well-being and lifestyle. Having a practical solution for moving around your home will allow you to enjoy your space without the need for any big changes or reliance on others. Knowing what to look for in your stairlift, and our team can talk you through our ranges as well as help narrow the decision down.

Our home surveys will allow us to analyse the staircase you have and plan the installation of it. We can offer an estimated installation time and provide you with all the necessary information beforehand including your free quotation. With measurements taken and any notes on alterations that may be needed, your stairlift can be installed in no time!

In some cases, we can fit a stairlift into your home on the same day you enquire. However, on average we install in 2-3 working days. Get in touch to find the options for you and receive a quote. If you are in real need of a stairlift, we have priority slots available for those who need a quick installation. we are happy to help you search for what to look for in your stairlift so that you can benefit most from your investment.